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“The new way to sell is not to sell at all.” ~ Lon Safko

The way you grow your business is changing.  Over 80% of small businesses in the United States now use social media and email to market their products and services. In 2016 most of your customers can be found on social media,  and often on their mobile devices. They expect to connect with you on social media sites and in a new, personable way. As Forbes Magazine noted, “you have to show the human side of your business…”

But you don’t have time to manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram – and the list goes on.  Then there’s internet marketing. What’s content marketing, SEO, link building?  Should I start a blog or send newsletters?  Should I advertise on social media? How does that translate to ROI? How does my company rise above the crowd and get noticed?

iSushman Consulting Group can answer these questions.  We are a social media and Internet marketing management company committed to helping you build a loyal community of followers that will spread the word about your offering. We want to help you grow your business through strategic social media and internet marketing

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