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Primary Social Media Sites and How We Use Them To Expand Your Web Presence

As the primary engagement ground, we will include photos and videos, personal experience, event information, and content that will help establish trust and credibility.
•    Minimum of 15-25 “Value Posts” per week.
•    Posting of links, images , videos, quotes, and events
•    Messages that connect with fans for organic interaction – starting conversations and continued response to those who respond.
•    Possible contest promotions: setting up a monthly contest where winner gains free or discounted products or services. Cross-promotional marketing with product vendors and manufacturers.

Activities and Goals:

  • Targeting and joining other Facebook Groups and posting to them with intention of linking back to your Facebook page and website.
  • 10 FB “likes” per day
  • 300 “likes” per month
  • 4% Conversion Rate per month
  • Exponential growth: After three to six months, the rate of “likes” and “shares” per month will also grow, and when this does, visits to your web site will increase, resulting in an increase in appointments and customer loyality.

Sets the tone for how status updates and micro-blogging are done. This is where a message is conveyed within 140 characters.  We will use Twitter to broadcast “mini” messages, announce events, post links, and share photos and videos. Followers are added through promotion on Facebook and website, and the use of hashtags (#) in Twitter posts, and by employing a strategy of following celebrities and “influencers” who in turn “auto-follow” you.

Activities and goals:

  • An average of 3-5 tweets per day with emphasis on creating value and connection with readers.
  • Pick up on “influencers’” followers and connect with them.
  • Gain “influencer” re-tweets through targeted tweeting.
  • 10 new followers per day
  • 300 new followers per month

Across all social media avenues, posts with strong images attached to them get on average three times as much user engagement as those with no images. This fastest growing social networking site in history has surpassed Twitter in traffic volume in less than 1 year.  Members connect with others through the ‘things’ they find interesting. A favorite quotation overlaying a beautiful photo or other image can reveal a common link between people. With millions of new pins added every week, Pinterest is connecting people all over the world based on shared tastes and interests.


  • Create a business account on Pinterest, pinning captivating content, and having it liked and re-pinned.
  • Posting of available videos and photos, as well as promotions and announcements.
  • Setup of automatic connectivity to your Facebook and Twitter pages – all Pins will simultaneously appear there also.

In November 2012, the term “Tumblr” outranked the word “blog” in Google searches. The site hosts over 91.8 million blogs. It’s a free, easy, and fast way to post images, text, videos, and more. Custom templates are easy to edit and make your own; and Tumblr enables quick publishing of blog content to its site and other sites thanks to its re-blogging features. Posted content is viral and long lasting through the use of hashtags (#) and will continue to bring traffic to your website months and even years after the original post is published.


  • Create a business Tumblr page with a pre-agreed upon design
  • Daily, multiple posts of your content similar to the other social media sites – text, photos, videos, etc.

Since its inception, nearly 50% of companies rate Google+ as important to their business. Your Google+ business page (different from a personal page) is your brand’s home on Google. With 135 million active users, 60% who log in every day, 15% of all marketers acquired a customer from Google+ in 2012. The big benefit from using Google+ is the linking of your profile to your rank/index with Google Search.

•    Increases the odds of getting highly targeted visitors from Google’s organic search results.
•    Your Google+ Profile will end up being used by Google as your page’s meta description when showing up in search results.
•    Adding your Facebook and Twitter followers to Google+ Circles and having them follow back on Google+ will increase the odds of additional sharing of your content with other Google+ users.
•    Use of keywords and tags to create on-going and long-lasting connections.
•    Google+’s new “Communities” feature has been defined as a “gathering place for your passions”, and will enable your business to instantly reach communities of like-minded followers.

YouTube has several hundred million video views per day.  Many go to YouTube to search for information.  We will use it as a channel for sharing knowledge about you and your business.
•    Post in-house videos if or when available.
•    Link to other related services’, vendors’, and/or manufacturers’ videos where applicable.
•    Target market keywords “tagged” in videos.
•    Increase your business’ YouTube channel subscription/awareness.

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