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Five Internet Marketing Must-dos For 2016

Let’s face it, we are quickly becoming a world in which everyone is constantly connected to the internet 24/7. Mobile penetration will approach 90% in 2016.  Marketing is evolving and demands a strategy that your business be found and stand out on all platforms – desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.  Any smart marketing plan for 2016 will incorporate the following actions:

  1. Craft a well thought-out SEO plan. Use Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends to help you identify which keywords are most effective to be used with Google AdWords and as metatags on your website. Review your keywords and add longer search queries. Digital Assistants (Siri, Google Voice, Cortana) are changing the way search text is entered.
  2. Develop a Content Marketing Strategy. Google’s Algorithm is becoming increasingly sophisticated in evaluating your website.  Though it’s good to make sure your webpages are optimized with the best metatags, it’s equally important to ensure that you are producing rich content that provides value to your customer.  For example, if a highly influential website such as Huffington Post links to your website, this will alert Google that your website carries clout.  You will then be much more likely to turn up in search results on the first page.  In short, generating quality content is vital to your overall marketing strategy.
  3. Give It Away! One of the best ways to capture attention and start building a loyal following is to provide content that is so valuable to your audience that they will sign-up to receive your newsletter, podcast, video, or paper.  The rule of thumb is to give, give, give and then ask or sell only after providing content that informs, entertains, and inspires. Once you have an email address, you have the opportunity to turn followers into loyal customers.  Also, in 2016, video content will outpace written content and will definitely improve your PageRank.  Eventually, everyone will be producing their own videos.  Lights, Camera, Action!
  4. Refine Your Social Media Strategy
    • Get personal on social media. Otherwise, you are intruding!
    • Facebook still dominates but Instagram is gaining ground – especially with Millennials.
    • Your Facebook page must be optimized for mobile in 2016 since that’s where your customer can be found.  Page layouts will become simpler and you will consider mobile-only ads.
    • The biggest mistake businesses make is believing Facebook advertising alone will yield ROI. No, no, no.  Facebook connects you personally with your customers and the conversion happens at any number of touchpoints once you have successfully driven them to your website and/or captured their email addresses.
  5. Update Your Website.It is projected in 2016 that apps will begin replacing websites in their importance. Follow this trend.  In the meantime, no outdated websites.  Make sure your website follows “best practices.”


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